We constantly work with my colleagues on turning the moments of company language learning joyful and flowing for the most possible people, opening the gates to a new world, global communication.


Flexible solution for busy middle and upper managers so that they can get in the frontline with their language competence in the international business life as well. Confident appearance and negotiating in a foreign language.

The foreign language competence of today’s Hungarian managers is often behind the level necessary for their position, not to mention the language skills of the younger generation. This has of course its own reasons and historical background, however, it is not an excuse in the long run, and surely is not a solution for acquiring the proper language competence.

iCan was among the first in Hungary to realize that middle and upper managers have special needs for an effective (English) language teaching. For them the factor of time is more important than average. Any time spent travelling or waiting is time not used. Moreover the time schedule of managers is tight and the least stable. Their programs and schedule constantly and dynamically change. Thus an average (English) course that takes place every week at a certain time and permanent place is unimaginable for them. That is why we created iCan Manager Training – a completely new form of company language training, where our teachers adapt to the participants both in time and location, this way maximizing the useful and effective time spent together. The classes and the curriculum are fully personalized, speech-centered, concentrating on the indispensable areas of business life such as writing letters, making presentations or phone calls and online conferences in a foreign language.

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Concentrated, even one on one training if needed, for acquiring all the indispensable competence in business life.

The thematic workshops are the concentrated, 1-2 day variations of business English courses. A course always specializes in a given area indispensable in everyday business life, therefore it is an opportunity to acquire the maximal knowledge in that field in order to be well prepared. Would you like a workshop tailored to your company, your colleagues? Contact us and we compose your ideal language training according to your needs.

The first step towards a successful business is "Selling" ourselves and our company. With our training, participants can start new business relationships with convincing and eye-catching actions rather than conventional and monotonous introductions. We know that the first impression is decisive - with our corporate training and iCan guarantees the positive decision: "You'll never get another chance to make the first impression"
It is often difficult for people to stand up, talk and analyze for a long time – even in their mother tongue. Our corporate training not only captures the essential English vocabulary terms, but it also learns techniques that provide instant help in the most difficult situations. With our company language training you can be prepared, confident and hold the audience.
Telephone conversation in a foreign language is one of the most common and difficult interaction forms. In this case, we cannot rely on the speaker's mimicry or gestures. Therefore, our corporate training focuses specifically on the practice of listening comprehension and the proper articulation of words. In addition, participants can acquire techniques that they can rely on in difficult “on the phone” situations.
Business correspondence has a special language and formal requirements that is important to master when writing in business. From the style and the language of a letter we can infer the seriousness or urgency of the matter. At our business language training, you can pick up these business competencies so you can successfully communicate with your foreign partners.


Business and professions are in focus: special language training in the field of economy, sales, marketing, HR, finances, the law, IT, technical and medical terminology within the framework of company courses.

The curriculum of our general and company language courses is formed according to the needs of the customer and the group, with attention to the balanced mastery of the four skills (speech, writing, listening and reading comprehension). We avoid stereotyped curricula and dry grammar rules, making our trainings more effective with interactive techniques instead. Of course there are unavoidable rules, however, we try to teach these as well in the most digestible, easy to acquire way. We guarantee the achievement of both the customer’s and the participants’ goals by continuous written and oral testing, all the way from beginner to advanced level.

Furthermore, when composing our business language courses we first visit the company that requested our service and after an environmental study discussed together, we set up a professional program with the purpose of not only teaching the foreign language but putting it into context as well. Because each profession and industry has its own terminology, and knowing it is indispensable for success. This is what the business language courses and other specialized language trainings of iCan provide a solution for, with the help of a well prepared, highly qualified, competent group of teachers. Therefore our colleagues are not only available in the language training of the company but can help the participants in professional challenges as well, be it a preparation for negotiations or composing a presentation.

Specialized languages: economy, trading, sales, logistics, marketing, HR, finances, law, public administration, EU, IT, architecture, technical and medical terminology. Does your company need some other professional language teaching? Contact us and we set up the ideal business English course based on your demands.


Outsourced, speech-centered language training with attention to a balanced mastering of all the skills. The classes can be regarded as team building in a foreign language as well.

The curriculum of the classes in our general and company language courses is composed according to the needs of the group and the customer, with attention to the balanced mastery of the four skills (speech, writing, listening and reading comprehension). We avoid stereotyped curricula and dry grammar rules, making our trainings more effective with interactive techniques instead. Of course there are unavoidable rules however we try to teach these as well in the most digestible, easy to acquire way.

In order that both the participants and our partners can find the work we do together effective and successful, we consider a continuous mutual feedback essential. On one hand between the participant and the teacher, to make sure the proper motivational level is maintained, which is of key importance for a fruitful work together. On the other hand between the teacher and the customer so that the training can go as planned and be successfully completed.

Furthermore, it is an important part of our company language courses that the participants give an account of their knowledge at specific intervals during the training, not only at the end, both in writing and orally. We believe that in business life speaking in a foreign language is at least as important or even more so than writing competence, therefore our company courses and the related tests aim at following the improvement of our participants so that in can be in harmony with the program previously set up together with the customer.