Hungarian is one of the most unique languages on the Earth. Arriving to Hungary and being expected to speak this beautiful but in the meantime really challenging and difficult language can be a shock for the people working or doing business in Hungary.

Let’s be honest: learning Hungarian is hard. Just hard. But not impossible! With the help of our enthusiastic and experienced teachers, learning this beautiful language will transform into a great adventure and lots of fun.

Our teachers and trainers give the lessons where it is the most convenient for the Student. In our iCan Studio, at your office, site, headquarters. It is also possible to have our so called “empiric classes” - exploring the city together, going to the market, shopping for clothes, restaurant, using public transportation together….in the target language! For intermediate and advanced students, we offer Hungarian language trainings related to the world of work.

Don’t wait any more – get ready for the adventure and call our centre line!